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Jan 26, 7-8pm ET Mini-Retreat: Ease in 2022

You don't have to run into the new year. You can go slow. You can be still. You can be. In this Mini-Retreat, Zenit founder Alina Liao will guide us in journaling to slow down, process where we are, and explore how we can have more ease in our lives. 


How do our Wellness Journaling Mini-Retreats work?

In our one hour together, Zenit founder Alina will guide us through a few self care journaling "rounds" where:

  • Alina presents and explains some prompts based on the mini-retreat's theme,
  • We journal privately as the prompts are displayed on the screen and calming music plays in the background,
  • We come back and share our reflections in small breakout rooms.

Mini-Retreats also include a guided meditation. We close with loving affirmations.

Our Mini-Retreats are a safe, affirming space to show up as you are, process what you need to process, be with yourself with ease and love, do some self care journaling, and support each other in community.

What will we cover in this Mini-Retreat, "Ease in 2022"?

  • We will begin with prompts that allow us to reflect on the last year and what we want for the new year.
  • Then, with prompts like "For my ______, what is enough?" you'll have time and space to let go of what you need to let go of, center on what you need to center on, to live with more ease.
  • Then, we'll journal to prompts for identifying our personal barriers to ease, such as our self-criticizing voice, or fears or narratives we hold that can get in our way, so that we can move past or let go of those barriers and embrace ease.

Once you purchase your ticket, you will receive a calendar invite with the Zoom info.

Hear from participants of past mini-retreats!

"This event was one-of-a-kind. Alina, the owner of Zenit Journals created a calm virtual space that allowed us to reflect on certain things. With on-screen prompts to guide us as we write/journal, Alina provided us with tips on how to make the best of journaling. I appreciated the event, and the break-out sessions made it even more impactful." - TaNeisha

"We had some really fascinating prompts including those that encouraged us to think about kindness, past challenges, and feeling free. I also really appreciated the breakout rooms because it allowed us to interact" - Ricky

"The space was inviting, no pressure, and very relaxing. It's good to hear from others sharing similar experiences. The time spend journal was also very insightful as well since I don't often journal about these more introspective inquiries. These prompts are really good at asking questions that are very open ended and let you take control of where you want to go. It's a good reprieve from the rest of the world. I enjoyed the time I spent writing and connecting with myself, and sharing my experiences in a small group setting." - Lana