Our Values

As a radical wellness company, everything we do must advance the wellness of our stakeholders: our customers, employees, the communities we operate in, and our planet. We reject norms that devalue wellness and put profits over people and planet. We intend to be a model for systemic change that promotes individual and collective wellness.


    Zenit Founder Alina Liao shares how Zenit is being built as a "radical wellness company."


    Our core values dictate how we operate as an organization. They are:


    We make everything with love for all our stakeholders. We vow to:

    • Ensure our employees enjoy a work environment that supports their holistic wellness.
    • Make our products with care to detail and high-quality, locally sourced materials.
    • Build and operate a zero-waste supply chain.


    Wellness requires equity. A world with systemic injustice cannot be a world that is well. We believe that there is no neutral zone when it comes to justice - you are either contributing to a more just world, or you are perpetuating existing inequities. We approach all decisions with a lens of equity. This means: 

    • We will help build an inclusive wellness market that invites people who experience greater barriers to wellness into the marketplace through our branding, product development, and strategic partnerships.
    • We will increase equity to economic mobility through our talent strategy, including hiring and developing talent in under-represented communities and partnering with Black-owned and minority-owned businesses.
    • We will ensure that our growth in a community adds to the economic and cultural wellbeing of native residents, and never contributes to the displacement of residents.


    We believe that wellness is a personal journey, everyone has their unique brilliance, and each person knows themselves best. We are NOT here to tell you what to think or do. We are committed to honoring the agency of all our stakeholders, so that:

    • Our products will always be designed to foster each customer’s agency and power to own their healing and wellness journey. 
    • Our employees have a voice in all decisions that affect them.
    • Residents in the communities we operate in have a say in the impact of our presence on their community well-being.


    It is necessary to be intentional about what we’re innovating for. We reject the notion that more or faster is always better. We innovate to advance the sustainability of all our stakeholders, meaning:

    • Empowering our customers to practice wellness daily, preventing burnout. We want everyone to go to bed feeling at peace and wake up rejuvenated, everyday. 
    • Ensuring that we are contributing to environmental sustainability.
    • Supporting societal sustainability by closing racial and socioeconomic disparities in access to wellness and economic mobility.


    The trust we build with our stakeholders is sacred. We are committed to:

    • Continuously seek and incorporate the honest feedback of our customers. 
    • Maintain a work culture where all our employees can be their whole, authentic selves. 
    • Include in our decision-making unintended consequences, so that we can mitigate negative unintended consequences and have a net positive impact on the world.


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    Acknowledgement: The name Zenit comes from "Zen" and "it." Zenit! The term "Zen" comes from the Zen school of Buddhism. "Zen" is the Japanese translation of the Chinese word "Chán," which means "sitting meditation" and is translated from the Sanskrit word for meditation, "Dhyāna." The Chinese Chán school of Buddhism originates from the original Indian Buddhism.