Wellness Workshops for Organizations

For organizations looking to support the wellness of your teams, employees, or members, we provide Wellness Journaling Workshops. Our workshops teach people how to use journaling to support their mental health and well-being in their daily lives. Our workshops are a great fit for wellness initiatives, mental health programming, team building, and retreats.


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Workshops are led by Zenit founder Alina Liao, who brings her background in trauma-informed, culturally responsive mental health coaching and over a decade of experience building programs that have advanced the wellness of employees, individuals, and communities. She approaches this work - of holding space for folks to slow down, process, and connect - with her core value, "made with love."

See below for details on our standard journaling workshops, add-ons for team building and workplace wellness, bulk journal purchases, and journal customizations.

If you would like to talk further about our wellness offerings, schedule a free consultation.

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About Wellness Journaling Workshops

Our standard workshops help address common challenges including stress, burnout, and blurred boundaries. Their themes are:

Journal for Wellness

Journal for Mental Health

Journal for Balance

Journal for Gratitude

Journal for Joy

Journal for Inspiration 

Logistics: Standard workshops are one hour and held virtually. In-person options are available for organizations in the Washington, DC metro area. Workshops are capped at 30 people.

Structure: Our standard 60-minute journaling workshops covers:

  • Guided mindful deep breathing
    Alina leading wellness journaling workshop. Asian woman in light green top talking to audience.
  • Introduction to the benefits of journaling
  • Overview of ways to journal
  • 2-3 rounds of journaling to themed prompts, with calming music in the background, and sharing of reflections in small groups
  • Facilitated large group share out
  • Tips on building a consistent journaling practice
  • Closing affirmations and takeaways

The guided journaling rounds enable participants to experience the healing benefits of journaling in real-time. The sharing of journal reflections enables participants to get to know each other on a more intimate level, build trust, normalize conversations about mental health, self-care, and feelings, and give and receive inspiration from each other.

Our workshops are a good fit for:

  • Workplace wellness programs
  • Mental health programming
  • Team building
  • Team retreats and wellness retreats

Our workshops are culturally responsive and trauma-informed, designed to provide an inclusiveaffirming space for people of diverse backgrounds to  process their thoughts and feelings, give voice to their needs, talk about healing and wellness, and experience the power of guided journaling in community. 


“Zenit journals and Alina's [workshops] have been excellent resources and supports in my wellness journey… Alina sets the tone beautifully and it feels like such a welcoming and compassionate space. The journal prompts are always so thoughtful and so real.” - Valen




“I never knew what would come out of me and each time the discovery is something I treasure. Sometimes it's a part of me I didn't realize exists, other times it is a path I didn't think exists… Her prompts allowed me to get in touch and channel whatever that comes out/up in a kind way.” - Hsiao-Wen




“Alina led us through such a thoughtful process where we got to share on our own terms. And through the prompts, I came upon many new discoveries about myself such as how I was physically feeling and how I needed to slow down that day, as well as insights into past experiences. It was enlightening and restorative!”

- Courtney




Standard Journaling Workshops

Journal for Wellness

wellness journal on someone's knees, outside

This grounding workshop guides participants in supporting their daily wellness. Participants journal to:

  • Get in tune with their feelings
  • Identify their barriers to wellness
  • Explore ways to meet their needs

This workshop is a good fit for:

  • Team retreats
  • Workplace wellness programs for busy professionals
  • Organizations providing wellness resources to communities such as entrepreneurs, professionals, and leaders of color

Journal for Mental Health


This healing-centered workshop guides participants in using journaling to support their mental health on an ongoing basis. Participants journal to:

  • Practice mindfulness and process their thoughts and feelings
  • Manage stress and the impacts of trauma using evidence-based mental health practices
  • Practice self-love and self-compassion

This workshop holds space for participants to process what's been weighing on them, express themselves, gain some relief, and learn ways to support themselves. 

This workshop is a good fit for:

  • Workplace wellness programs on mental health, stress, and burnout
  • Organizations providing mental health resources to under-resourced communities

Journal for Balance

Work-life balance isn't a set formula. It's unique to each individual. This eye-opening workshop guides participants in using journaling to create their balance. Participants journal to:

  • Assess where they are with their balance
  • Identify root causes that affect their balance
  • Explore ways to honor their boundaries

This workshop is a good fit for:

  • Wellness programs for stress and burnout
  • Organizations providing wellness resources to communities such as entrepreneurs, professionals, and leaders of color.

Journal for Gratitude

This uplifting workshop guides participants in journaling to develop a practice of gratitude. Participants journal to:

  • Express and feel gratitude - for things big and small
  • Practice gratitude to enhance their wellness
  • Develop a regular gratitude practice

This workshop is a good fit for:

  • Wellness programs
  • Team retreats
  • Team building and bonding

Journal for Joy

This uplifting workshop guides participants in journaling to make space for joy. Participants journal to:

  • Feel joy to gain balance
  • Gain clarity on what brings them joy
  • Identify ways to practice joy in their daily lives

This workshop is a good fit for:

  • Team retreats
  • Team-building and bonding
  • Workplace wellness programs

Journal for Inspiration

This uplifting workshop guides participants in journaling to get inspired. Participants journal to:

  • Tap into their sources of inspiration
  • Visualize their dreams
  • Connect with their impact

This workshop is a good fit for:

  • Team retreats
  • Team-building and bonding
  • Social impact and advocacy organizations looking to reconnect with their mission and impact


"Decorate Your Journal" Team Building Activity

table of women of color decorating custom wellness journals by zenit with print fabrics


Want a fun, hands-on team building activity? For in-person workshops, you can add a "Decorate My Own Journal" activity to your journaling workshop. How does it work?

  • We bring blank versions of our Choose My Own Path Starter Journal for each participant, fabrics, and materials.
  • We guide participants to decorate their wellness journals and make the covers of their wellness journals.
  • This fun activity gives participants a creative outlet.
  • As participants create their journals they can socialize and get to know each other through their designs.

This activity typically takes 45 minutes and can be added to a journaling session, for a 90-minute to 2-hour wellness and bonding experience for your team. 

Reach out for pricing based on your number of participants and duration of the workshop.

Workplace Wellness Debrief & Toolkit


Want to go further? In addition to our one-hour workshops, you can purchase our Workplace Wellness Add-On, which includes:

  • A 30-45 minute facilitated debrief for managers to process what came up in the journaling workshop and to create an action plan for supporting workplace wellness moving forward.
  • digital toolkit for your team to use on an ongoing basis to continue to reflect on how you are all making space for wellness at work.

This is a great option for organizations ready to follow through on their commitments to support employee wellness, satisfaction, and retention. It provides guidance for managers and teams to make small but meaningful changes to workplace routines and practices that impact individual and team wellness.

With the combined 60-min Journaling Workshop and Workplace Wellness Add-On:

  • All participants will process their experiences around the wellness theme, explore their wellness needs, and clarify ways to honor their wellness.

  • Managers will create an Action Plan for making concrete, simple but powerful changes in workplace practices that aim to make more space for wellness at work, based on what staff shared in the journaling workshop.

  • One week after the workshop and debrief, managers and staff will receive a tailored agenda and video to continue reflecting on the team’s progress in the action plan, such as identifying what's working and what obstacles to wellness still exist and identifying ways to continue the progress.

Want a customized journaling workshop?

With our customized workshop option, instead of using our standard wellness themes above, we will customize a 60-90-minute Journaling Workshop to your organization.

Before the workshop, we administer a survey and hold a scoping call to identify your wellness needs and goals. We develop and facilitate a customized agenda and prompts based on the needs and goals.


Bulk Buy of Wellness Journals

 Bulk journals of wellness journals for self care journaling by Zenit. Includes journals with pink and blue, purple and gold, blue and gold, brown, and green covers

Our hand-crafted Wellness Journals with guided journaling prompts are a unique offering and make for great workplace gifts. They go far beyond a generic notebook with a logo. Our wellness journals include prompts and designs that intentionally center your employees' self-care and wellness, directly supporting their ongoing self-care and wellbeing practice.

Purchase pre-designed or bespoke wellness journals

You have the option of a bulk buy of any of our standard wellness journals

You can also request that we design a journal customized for your team. We work with you to understand what you're looking for, develop prompts for your workplace initiative, and design mockups for your review and approval. We have customized journals for workplace wellbeing initiatives, team retreats, workplace gifts, and employee wellness packages. 

Let team members customize their own wellness journals

Zenit's most unique, special offering is our Custom Wellness Journals, where each individual can choose the prompts and affirmations that go in their journals. This makes it easier to journal and support your daily wellness, since your prompts are specific to you.

As an alternative to buying workplace journals in bulk up front, you also have the option of using a unique code for your employees to redeem, which allows every employee to choose or customize their personal Zenit Journal.

You only pay for codes redeemed by employees. This makes for unique workplace gifts, wherein every employee gets to choose and personalize their wellness journal to meet their personal needs and goals.


Want to learn more?

Workshops are led by Zenit founder Alina Liao. If you have questions or would like a workshops customized to your organization, team, or program, please contact us at alina@zenitjournals.com, or call 1-202-930-3019

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Hear from more workshop participants: 

"It’s been years since I’ve journaled—too busy I guess—but I was inspired by Alina at a 'Flow' retreat to get back into the groove. Alina led a great activity to both create the journal using different fabrics and then use it with the help of several prompts she shared. It opened me up to the power of journaling. I’m once again a believer!"

"I used to journal a lot a few years ago and have gotten so busy over the years, that it drifted out of my life. Thanks to Alina, I was able to get the pen to paper and explore myself through some thought provoking journal prompts. I didn't realize how much I'd enjoyed journaling...This has been a trying year and a lot has happened in my life, besides the actual pandemic. This event has reminded me how beneficial it can be to just take a few minutes to put your thoughts down on paper. Alina provided us with prompts that made me really want to dig deep...We also had the chance to reflect with one another in break out rooms that I didn't expect to enjoy as much as I did."

"I loved this event!...I appreciated when Alina talked about self care and wellness being a right. She has a daily journaling ritual and I am inspired to start doing the same. I enjoy journaling and I find prompts are really helpful... Alina led us through a series of questions to answer and gave us time to journal, followed by break out sessions to share with a few others... During a time of covid and self isolation, it was wonderful to connect with people!"