How It Works

Learn what we're about and how to customize your Zenit

STEP 1: Choose the cover that inspires you

Customize Wellness Journal

Our journals come in vibrant fabric print covers, because you deserve to feel pride and joy in the work you do for your mental health! 

STEP 2: Customize your Zenit to your wellness goals 

Zenit Customized Journal

Go through the sections from top to bottom to customize your Zenit Journal.

With “Page Layout,” the grey boxes show where the prompts will go on the pages. Think about whether you like more open writing space or more structure. 

Customize Wellness Journal

In “Prompts,” think about what you want to gain from your Zenit, and click on the categories with the "+" sign to see the prompts. Choose the prompts that speak to you. Our prompts are based in coaching and mental health practices.

Zenit Customize Journal

Choose as many, or as few, prompts as you like. Your prompts will cycle through in your Zenit. If you want a certain prompt to repeat on every page, choose it in “Daily Prompts.”

You can add any text (in any language) to your front cover page. Add your personal mantra to see your mantra whenever you need an emotional boost. A “mantra” is a short saying, affirmation, or quote that helps you feel good – affirmed, calm, inspired, etc.

STEP 3: Feel it. Write it. Zenit.

Customized wellness journal   Customized journal   Wellness Journal

Owning your Zenit is an act of self-love. When you get your Zenit, use your personalized prompts as a springboard into your journaling. They’re not homework questions to answer. If you write about something different than your prompts, that’s OK. Let your heart and mind go where they want to go. You’ll still gain something from it!

Ready? Let's go!

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